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45.5 %
White 13.4 %
Hispanic 36.3
4.8 %

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STAAR testing is quickly approaching!
April 22 - Grade 3-4 math
April 23 - Grade 3-4 reading

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Round-up: May 5-9

Family Folk Dance/Book Fair: May 13

Reading Night and Celebration: May 29 6:00-7:00

Career Day: May 30

Field Day
Pre-K: June 3, 11:00 am-12:00 pm
K-2: June 3, 
 9:00 am-10:30 am
3-5: June 4,  9:00 am-11:30 am

Awards Ceremony: June 5


Recently, Central National Bank’s Heather Keeton and Bethany Williams stopped by our Waco ISD Adopt-A-School Partner, Parkdale Elementary, to recognize students with perfect attendance. Here’s a look at their recent visit.

Adopt-A-School Partnership with WISD’s Parkdale Elementary | Central National Bank - Waco

Terrific Kid Assembly
Posted on 03/21/2014
First and Second graders are working hard trying to earn the recognition of Terrific Kid presented by The Waco Senior Kiwanis Club. Here are some Pictures of our last assembly. The next presentation will be the end of April.  more
Jamboree Celebration
Posted on 03/20/2014
The Italian Ice Jamboree was for the 4th graders who made significant improvement on the 4th Grade Writing DBA -- The Italian Ice was furnished by Hector Sotomayor of Mobile Computer in Waco, TX.  more
bug awards
Posted on 03/07/2014
The Third graders are trying hard to bring up those grades--- Each student bringing up grades one whole letter grade will be awarded a green T-shirt, ruler and pencil and the class with the largest percentage will be awarded the coveted pencil. Presently, Ms. Traudt's class is the "Keeper" of the Pencil.  more
Salsa Celebration for focused readers
Posted on 01/24/2014
Students celebrated with salsa and chips for being the most focused, fiery readers in their classrooms!  more
Mrs. Duncan's Third Grade is the Pencil Recipient!
Posted on 01/23/2014
Students bring up grades by a whole letter grade presented by Kiwanis of Waco Seniors. The large pencil is a traveling pencil that is given to the class with the highest percentage of students bringing up their grades. Congratulations to Mrs. Duncan's class for being the recipient of the pencil!  more
Western Heights delivers presents
Posted on 12/20/2013
Partners from Western Heights delivers presents to all students!  more
Book Delivery to all students
Posted on 12/20/2013
Central National Bank delivered books to all students at Parkdale!  more
Parkdale carolers
Posted on 12/20/2013
Parkdale students visit our partners and go caroling!  more
Posted on 12/04/2013
Parents will be notified in various ways when inclement weather causes a change in the schedule.  more
Thanksgiving Pictures
Posted on 12/03/2013
Check out our pictures from Thanksgiving lunch.   more
Posted on 11/26/2013
AAS Partners, Parkdale Elementary & Kiwanis Seniors of Waco award improving grades with Certificates, t-shirts and pencils for every student who improved their grades. Thank you Kiwanis!!  more
Posted on 11/18/2013
Students bring up grades by a whole letter grade presented by Kiwanis of Waco Seniors.   more
Posted on 11/13/2013
Our second grade students had a wonderful night of singing "Seussical Junior" songs. [VIDEO and PHOTOS]  more
Posted on 10/29/2013
Photos from Terrific Kid  more
Posted on 09/20/2013
WISD Parents, You are Invited to help shape parent involvement in Waco ISD.   more
Posted on 08/09/2013
Texas Education Agency unveils new indexed accountability system.  more
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